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Discount package

  deep     Hai     dinner                                     


2. Honda limousine 7 ()


3. float floral full set (including bridal bouquets, corsages, etc)


4.190P professional cameras, tracking shot, made after the nonlinear character and later DVD disc 2


5. Grand Master of ceremonies officiating at the wedding ceremony, met in the early communication


6. field implementation and one (responsible for convergence with the hotel, the new party and all other matters)


7. throughout the planning book


8. fashion yarn Naaman background layout +LED lamp (intermediate new photos or themes LOGO)


9. beautiful floral lamp posts on stage 4


10.12 Roman flower road, happy guide


11. white down 20 meters of carpet or red carpet


12. personalized flower Pavilion (according to the new colour matching decoration)


13. fashion welcome easel (new photo design or LOGO design)


14. reception table gauze curtain decoration set


15. personalized pre-function area form a set (including LOGO two new photos)


16. pre-function area LED lamp 2 lights, reflect the atmosphere of photo and fine


17. two sets of colorful light machine


18. bubble machine 1


19. Crystal candlestick with a lighter set of