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Romantic fairy tale wedding

Romantic fairy tale wedding
&Nbsp;   sign in the Hall stage, interspersed in many cute Mickey Mouse soft toy stocked with pictures of the couple, sugar-candy cartoon released to relatives and friends box, and on each of the guests don't have a badge--luminous portrait of Mickey cartoon.
&Nbsp;   Hall, 8 dressed as a cartoon character in a fairy tale of actors doing funny action, actively soliciting people together for a photo. Minnie, Mickey and bugs bunnys enables children to become happy, also was excited by the presence of young people, even the hotel staff came and cartoon pictures. Time, wedding reception table into Disney's amusement parks.
&Nbsp;   and different traditional wedding ceremonies, the bride and groom exchanged rings, are taking part in the open air outside the hotel, and before the bride arrived on the scene, those lovable characters suddenly disappeared without a trace in the Hall.
&Nbsp;   at 12 escorted by wearing angel wings of beauty, the groom walked onto the stage while singing the song while slowly. One dropped the groom took Silver "glass slipper" kneeling on one leg, his Princess put on, and then took her by the hand and center stage, gently kissing ... ... The flower color, smoke, music all fairy-tale romance against infection, some girls have even shed a tear. The whole Hall, bless applaud lay.

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