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Traditional Chinese wedding

Traditional Chinese wedding
&Nbsp;   to ancient traditional Chinese wedding, celebration, courtesy of variety and a warm atmosphere of publicity and loved by the people, especially many from foreign newcomers, particularly keen on Chinese wedding, it represents the convergence of wedding customs in North China and Hui Cui. Sedan is the core part of a traditional wedding. Four men, eight men two. Dragon car, Phoenix car division. Remove outside the bearer, and Sheng Gong, umbrella, fan, such as supporting actor, General car teams at least more than 10 people, and dozens of people, the scene is really magnificent.
&Nbsp;   little sedan now in XI ' an, so if you want to hold this kind of wedding, be sure to make the wedding company the order such services. To choose or avoid traffic in the Park place, has some room for his sedan around, because the top sedan scene attracted a large number of visitors, causing traffic jams.
&Nbsp;   new clothing for fengguanxiapei, robe or jacket. Bride cast a Red Veil, bridesmaid, accompanied, groom holding red silk traction slowly floats after the sedan chair position is reached, the couple took the sedan chair. BACK