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2 ways to locate your wedding style

&Nbsp;   modern young people are very particular about the wedding. From wedding to wedding ceremony requires a unified style, intact. Choose what style of wedding guests do to meet their entertainment? Small again drew attention to the following two points here:
&Nbsp;   1. newcomer parents to consider include: newcomers to choose their own style of wedding, be sure to consider the parents of their emotional investment over the years, and dive into, they can receive weddings, new parent culture, their social circle cultural level. This is one of the important conditions for couples to think about your wedding style.
&Nbsp;   for example, if parents have social status or educational level, their social circle also at the ceremony, but the couple's ceremony style appear vulgar, situation, parents face is too much. Similarly, if a married couple are thinking about their own time, the pursuit of novel wedding ceremony, wedding ceremony did not emphasize their feelings, not reflected in the wedding ceremony the parents raise their thanks, then a good wedding, there are lifelong regret. New people have to pay attention to this point.
&Nbsp;   2. married couple culture including: new level of social status, nature of work, economic empowerment. These conditions have caused new people living and working in different environments, experience social cultural background, economic prosperity is different. Thus they need wedding style is different. Suggestions: married couples wedding style, must be suited to their cultural backgrounds, particularly reflecting their level of mainstream culture.
&Nbsp;   example: a white-collar person wedding, may be more to highlight their own culture and social and cultural background. Their wedding style needs serious, warm, elegant. Reflect their social status and identity. A blue-collar man wedding, you want to your own social circles together, showed friendship and lively. BACK