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Woman before marriage tips

&Nbsp;   1, the art of love is the lifelong to complete a family must have had a nice hostess, she does not demand too much involved in her husband's world, her husband considerable space. These Smart women know my position in her husband's heart, and trust in her husband from her self confidence. Precisely because of the atmosphere of a woman, nurtured the career of her husband. Love is a kind of detached, when let go let go, give them a breathing space, a full trust relationship. Generous, magnanimous is the emotional cornerstone of each other. Married life impossible every day is a happy day, but simply every day trying to get things done, is enough. Met a man worthy of love is not easy, do not always want to control or reform him.
&Nbsp;   2, learn how to listen, we need to listen more to others, less unnecessary words. Women talk several times as much as men and eloquence to her husband when his wife, hates husband is indifferent or interrupt the conversation, women too need to vent, this is the female's habit. While most men do not like women, oblivious of this does not mean that men don't want to talk. If a woman can make a man in front of her there was a desire to pour, this relationship is more harmonic will only be durable.
&Nbsp;   3, learn to compromise in the life of a couple on weekdays, can give each other the greatest harm is: "together with you, you don't deserve me. "If you are not happy, the other side isn't happy. Can give each other the best gift is your own happiness. Collocation of a happy marriage is by no means the generals and soldiers, but generals and soldiers role changes from time to time. China's traditional doctrine is the basis for a happy marriage. Compromise is not innate, but married people must learn to hand life on the road. Compromise often is self-confidence, moral integrity, understanding of the strong. Between husband and wife or a win-win situation, or both.
&Nbsp;   4, marriage is not half and half 100% plus another one of my 100% in your marriage. If compare marriage to a person's body, the man is the head, the woman is the heart, the two "organ" complement each other. Marriage of equivalence in the war itself was a misunderstanding and misconception. Find the most appropriate location, complete a self worth than competing real, much more ideal. Man's will is not equal to happiness, transcendence is not equal to the brilliance of a woman. Family integrity and harmony, if men contributed much, women on some internal concern.
&Nbsp;   5, hard to divorce if married two men seen on the holes that we should live together live, bring a marriage certificate in the simple. However, the weight of this certificate are not scales can weigh. "Flash marriage" misfortunes never come singly, one to divorce consumed eight years of our lives.
&Nbsp;   6, don't divorce, if some people up in divorce and suffering between you, I will give them a piece of advice: "don't listen to the views of others, because nobody went into the two of you to the world. Listen to my heart, ask my heart. If you still love him, don't leave. Love's strength to defeat all difficulties. "If the two parents, so I said:" don't complain when children grow up, we did not divorce, just for you. "
&Nbsp;   Red 7, couples is not bad a couple of people who eventually headed for divorce for men and women, is not a question of whether two people fall in love, how big is the difference of opinion, but both sides in the conflict after the onset of treatment. Quarrelling is complete it is necessary, the problem is to resolve differences, between husband and wife arguing process, from time to time, discussion, and compromise. This step by step psychological changes if children see, they will exert a subtle influence on life foster problem-solving skills.
&Nbsp;   8, were irrational animal men sometimes need coaxing. If the wife is always in his ear again: How can you be so disgusted, how can you be so stupid, why are you doing this, why did you do that. Husband for years felt ill, reverse psychology more, simply wife blames those words go on to do so.
&Nbsp;   9, time to look within four sentences ① family like friends, friends like family. Secondly, couples who do not owe, so you want to know how to thank spouse to pay. ③ do not fool each other. ④ do not take your partner's "shorter" than the others "long".
&Nbsp;   10, the marriage process is a map someone drew a map of the marriage process, from East to West, follows five stages: ① the passion out of the years---led such a love for two people in the journey. ② entering blank, do not know what to do, no road signs appear, more do not know what to think, what to say around your spouse. ③ must go on the road, but the two began to argue, all thought as long as he changed, only better. ④ Maybe they basically never was I changed, and issued an ultimatum: If you change anything, just follow me. ⑤ two people finally get used to each other, at once passed on a map of the overall region, heart signs more and understand each other, to a tacit condition, more tacit understanding with each other. BACK