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Wedding customs

&Nbsp;   the beginning of eight friends get married, I went to watch the fun. There are so many friends came to celebrate and toast the bride, that is indispensable, and you look at her today is drink the peach somewhat drunk, for a few minutes.
&Nbsp;   accounts of bamboo (evergreen tree) you see the man labored with this bamboo, it accounts for hanging cloths used, heavy bamboo hanging bed, non-flat bed is not, in fact, it represents evergreens. The two bamboo must be stolen from the mountains, to marry his daughter to be a "thief" is not available. To watch two people the mountain bamboo, modern civilized, not do the petty things, speak with others in advance, to bamboo. To get up early to the mountains to dig, dig is completed, a red envelope, back home. Firecrackers, people to pick up a red envelope, even if it is stolen. HA HA! Somebody else is doing "thief".
&Nbsp;   Yongkang fruit trees in our custom, the bride married, holds in his hand is the fruit trees on the way. Is made from bamboo and cypress branches tied and hung colorful peanuts, tree of life is green. Married with a fruit bag, containing seven fruits, peanuts, sunflower seeds, walnuts, dates, litchi, longan, Lotus seeds. The fruit must be born. People three forms of filial impiety, without issue, his daughter married, of course.
&Nbsp;   dowry dowry to are on the door, when people like to watch in the village, so many people jealous of dowry.
&Nbsp;   comb car head on the bride sitting in the boudoir, lit a red candle, there is a pair of foot chicken (eggs) of the chicken coop, consisting of older relatives combed the bride's head. Bride at about 4 o'clock, to the beauty salon dress up nicely, hair that is meant, Bridal packages out of a red envelope.
&Nbsp;   car on eating the food combed head when kitchen tube teacher brought in a bowl of rice, meat, boiled eggs, the bride put food in your mouth, the bride give teachers a bonus kitchen pipe.
&Nbsp;   hold bridge on the bride, fruit bags and apron in hand bags, bags with seven fruits, holding flowers, send off relatives lit candles and firecrackers. He sent two bridesmaids and two lanterns lead the big (the bride's brother) with a red envelope in his mouth, holding the bride's sedan, the bride's two bridesmaids follow, and relatives holding candles to send. As chattels to the door, and one foot out, when, one foot, bride to spit in his mouth in the car meal, half in half, hoping home, her husband's family.
&Nbsp;   big especially powerful today, he holds in one breath to the car side. A lot of stop-and-big love hug, every time when you stop, you get "da Ming classic" red envelopes. "Da Ming master" was the man sent to the bride, blocking the way, you will encounter a lot of good things, by the "da Ming classic" sugar and tobacco settlement. You see, the bride of the man blocking the door, second from left of the "Ming dynasty master" in the negotiations, what tobacco road.
&Nbsp;   carrying the bride over many hurdles on the way, I am finally home, is picked up the bride and groom went home.
&Nbsp;   wash for the daughter-in-law mother-in-law hair comb all the way hard. For the bride and groom wash face, wash away all dust. You see on the side of the little girl, with eyes open, curious to wonder: "who is going to help wash, not embarrassing?" Hey! how can there be such a wash method.
&Nbsp;   the new downtown new downtown, is the highlight of the wedding show, us big, big shots, HA HA! Family fee for the new downtown is big.
&Nbsp;   I look at modern marriage, always feel like tuyangjiehe, interesting. I heard that in ancient times people like wailing, to invite a professional cry last. I can't remember the words: "pedal-powered stair step by step, chefs, ... ... The child ... .... There was a cry, are chefs in the last sentence the child ended, quite beautiful.   This customs why be lost? no is also quite beautiful. As a kid I saw the dowry was carried bamboo poles carried raised, little also has more than 10 carries, more than more than 20 carries, mighty, scenes and verve than the modern cars. Carry is a bed quilt, pairs of shoes, more than twenty or thirty, are all made of the bride to the groom's family and friends.
&Nbsp;   at the wedding, people are focused on the fruit before, people focused on the flowers. Is the concept of change, people talk about blessings for children before, the way people hope that in the future will have more flowers. BACK