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Winter wedding location where good

&Nbsp;   bathed in the wind, flowers, nature, dressed in a wedding dress noble people, join hands to spend my life with you, describing your life's love oath, is the fantasy of a bride. But in this cold, cold, all things withered winter, how to complete this fantasy? Winter wedding locations where better? Small series of beautiful marriage network give you ideas.
&Nbsp;  , winter wedding location wedding in Sanya, it is a good choice.
&Nbsp;   was not so hot in the summer, the weather is cool, light is also good, suitable for taking pictures, Photo Studio is also in winter time the business well. Sanya winters not cold most of the time, at noon time very warm in winter, the light photography is very adequate, clear colors of the sea.
&Nbsp;   II,. winter wedding location in the plant shoot the wedding in greenhouses, is a very wise choice.
&Nbsp;   constant temperature and humidity of blocked sunlight greenhouses will keep you safe from suffering from the cold outdoors; galleries, small bridges, flowing water, bamboo grass kiosks distributed throughout the venue and looks everywhere into view, navigate the course, as you draw your wedding photos are filled with thick tropical, unusual Oh!
&Nbsp;   If you are in Zhengzhou, Conservatory and Botanical Garden of the surrounding counties, not far from the beautiful, very good choice.
&Nbsp;   third,. of course, you can also challenge the limit, who says Northern winters could not shoot the wedding location?
&Nbsp;   wedding photos of a variety of ways. Cold weather, on-location shooting is certain constraint, wedding location a little less green in winter and a warm sun, but the wedding is not as long as green can take. Category of wedding photography is art, art itself is diverse, in the winter, can select does not demand green scenery as the backdrop, just letting the camera sets off the artistic atmosphere is the work of a pair of victories. Photos not only is photography, is a story, a depiction of the emotions, romance is not just an attack on green.
&Nbsp;   winter wedding locations to go to many places, than Fang Guilin: sea travel, Sanya: end of the world, Tibet: plateau snow, Shanghai: Sino-American Bund, Jiuzhaigou: sweet and stylish, Hangzhou: West Lake, who love: Phoenix City, depends on your own choice. BACK