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Wedding planning

Understand that wedding

&Nbsp;   wedding day wedding MC can said is wedding of "soul characters", so more understand some MC of work duties and work range only conducive to wedding of perfect smooth for, wedding MC of work range main General for: (planning, and and Manpower) 1, and married banquet Qian 3 days Qian and new met planning married banquet program table, wedding day trip arrangements,/new clothing/supplies table to married banquet in detailed prepared Xia smooth for.
&Nbsp;   2, tele-co-ordination in open court play a co-ordination role, visiting venues, sound layout, seating arrangements, treatment-related clinical changes and final decisions to help the wedding held smoothly and on time.
&Nbsp;   3, procedures and arrangements for the wedding Schedule final follow up, make the whole process more smooth and clear.
&Nbsp;   4, hosts the last dress rehearsal to assist newcomers to make the final dress rehearsal, so that when the official ceremonies with confidence.
&Nbsp;   5, hosted pre-dinner arrange for bands to join newcomers welcome (violin) shooting program/other rituals, enhance the atmosphere and order the scenes.
&Nbsp;   6, presided over the opening prologue announced the wedding began, introduced the couple and Minister, welcoming and blessing.
&Nbsp;   7, presided over the ceremony to help the couple conceived the speech to help newcomers generous pouring out their hearts.
&Nbsp;   9, designing new games according to the aspirations and needs of the couple, designed to play new games, music tracks, magic, all tailor-made, Kai, great atmosphere.
&Nbsp;   10 design special effects such as the airing of giant Tom Thumb, fluorescent soap bubbles, colorful balloons and so on. BACK