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The meaning of marriage

&Nbsp;   yesterday a colleagues said, she to married has, because to catch with two a people with early is buy House; recently friends said, wants to married, because wants to a children, life is no fun; also heard had more than a people such said, other conditions also good, on married's......, many married of reason, but not know why are is such barely of reason, let people listening to not out feelings in the joy sad of components, I seem to have a long, long time haven't heard one person say, he wants to get married because love is when you love someone and want to be with another man.
&Nbsp;   may never really far away, perhaps life is not perfect.
&Nbsp;   has seen a Hong Kong woman writer who has written in the book of words:
&Nbsp;   "we are already in the century and a chicken? Life has too many favors from food is tasteless and things. From the marriage, career, down to the hurried down the lunch at noon, may be of little value. "
&Nbsp;   when reading this text, you can feel a kind of not tears of sadness and the torture of a flesh-and-blood gone, life seems always to create another defect.
&Nbsp;   one day I met a girlfriend in high school, I knew a long time ago she kept dating, but have not met satisfactory, so I asked her, is it asking too much? If want a highly educated, high income, high shape? Cooked, so I obviously took some teasing tone.
&Nbsp;   she smiled and said, no, she's not too much, in fact, purpose of dating is very strong, is married, but she is not that kind of feeling.
&Nbsp;   I know that as long as people feel, is the most successful daters, I had asked her how to get married?
&Nbsp;   "I just hope that when I am not happy, he can make me think he will always be by my side, if not comfort, just holding me tighter and tighter and tighter, said he would always love me. "
&Nbsp;   her face is firm, not a fun look.
&Nbsp;   I suddenly felt a bit touched, like the even light cannot penetrate the city, saw a glimmer of warmth and light.
&Nbsp;   I wants to I does not necessarily requirements other must to let I feel to earnestly of Acacia, struggling of waiting, or continuous of love, I of marriage also just cloud light wind light, long, but one day Dang he to I proposed Shi, not because marriage can with to he how many actual of interests, but because marriage in he life in the of that copies meaning, I hope in that moment he can to I a reason, told I he wants to and I phase keep, with spent life in the of each once Hi anger joys and sorrows, Together with the old.
&Nbsp;   even if it's just in that moment ... ...

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