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Wedding planning

Detail of decoration reflect the wedding special

    1. Venue decorations can you rented premises for different banquets, there are many artificial flowers, trees, decorations and seasonal decorations in different seasons, staff may wish to ask, and to borrow can save a huge amount.
    2. Candles create an atmosphere with branched candlesticks in the middle of each table, instead of the flowers in the center of the device, and then in the next round a circle of wax Cup, eijun candles create a romantic atmosphere on the point.
    3. Internet treasure hunt you can site, Forum search cheap candle holders and candle cups, attention to each site, each seller the prices/performance and their past credit history and carefully selected decorations should let you find satisfaction.
    4. Reference design very much for reference wedding magazine layout of exquisite wedding and home magazines, and then adapted to local conditions to play. For example, you can buy ostrich feather in colorful plastic bubble, let it float on the water in a vase, decoration will make the guests's eyes light up.
    5. Plastic silver vase florists want you can use silver or gold vase to complement his design flower theme, if you just need a vision of true feeling, will be able to choose some superficial imitation silver foil or plastic vase instead of gold, no one can see that difference will not delve into true and false.
    6. Adjusting measures to local conditions, if your outdoor wedding, and flower beds, fountains, trees were readily available in the site, so you don't have to add too much decoration and the integration of natural feel wonderful and very economical.
    7. Flea markets can be when you determine your wedding style to the famous flea market and craft market to Tao Tao or modern or vintage crafts, very interesting candlestick and a bit of styling wax Cup luster to your layout.
    8. Reuse if you don't mind, may have married friends borrowed their use of candlesticks, vases and other decorations, and then again to buy some new equipment together, you can create a rich and vivid visual effects. In fact, those wedding crafts, does not have many opportunities to come in handy in daily life, friends used must be as good as new. BACK