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Inventory of wedding industry trap

&Nbsp;   for prepared married of people for, except to face from hotel reservation married banquet of many consumption threshold zhiwai, in wedding consumption of other field also will encountered various of fighter terms and dive rules, many new on reflect, wedding company unauthorized change contract terms, and wedding two times charges, and rent married dress to make sky-high deposit, phenomenon compared General, reporter through survey understand to, please wedding company, and took wedding and rent married dress, several link most easy suffered " Wedding King ".
&Nbsp;   wedding company: rule up to near the wedding replacing trucks for wedding couples, wedding book wedding cars, especially trucks, is one of the more important in the wedding preparations for many, but choose a good few trucks tend to be altered when the wedding. In this year "51" married of Meng Mr told reporter, in married Qian three week, wedding company told they original reservation of Mercedes-Benz sports car has all rent finished, wedding company recommends into Buick car, and also not price, due to distance wedding also has several week, Meng Mr prepared for a home wedding, can this wedding company is said has signed has contract, if lifted contract, 5000 Yuan of deposit on cannot back, Yu Shimeng Mr only helpless accept wedding company replaced head car of decided.
&Nbsp;   in last year "11" married of Zhang Miss also has similar of suffered, Zhang Miss told Reporter: "was we in wedding company set of head car is hardtop Audi, can married day from of is is Audi hood car run, at heart special angry, I asked head car driver is not car wrong has, driver said ' Yes, hood can put covered wagons, cover up on has top has ', was wants to and he more theory several sentence, but home relatives friends are presence bad make stiff, and catch time had to car. Then wanted to find wedding company theory, but I was afraid the wedding company in post production photography information, deliberate, so can only eat yabakui. "
&Nbsp;   "gold medal" MC kitchen now new people are more prudent in selecting MC, emcee, after all, was a key figure throughout the wedding. Because of this demand, many wedding company have launched a "gold medal" MC, price is not cheap, one thousand or two thousand Yuan. However, some of the so-called "gold" ceremonies are mostly just a pleasant name, not received any awards in the industry, and some MC carried only a year or two, their effect can be imagined. For the master of ceremonies, people said, "some of the so-called ' gold medal ' ceremony at best only a kitchen. "
&Nbsp;  , for security reasons, many new people the choice of ceremonies we have investigated, such as bullish when friends and relatives attended a MC, and take the initiative to contact, appointment ceremony time, cost and other related matters, this approach skips the wedding company, in terms of time and cost are also guaranteed.
&Nbsp;   makeup wedding day "coded"
&Nbsp;   in recent years, the wedding more and more popular in the consumer market, wedding day makeup artist costs also increased, according to press reports, the current Studio makeup artist costs, generally in more than 1500, although costs are higher, but it can be used to draw Convention which cosmetics and jewelry are free, which is another charge, do not appear on their wedding day extra charge.
&Nbsp;   but if looking for makeup artists from other sources I'm afraid there is no guarantee. Like some wedding company that can provide a make-up artist and the price is cheaper than Studio lot, about 400 to 600 Yuan. But these makeup artists tend to either be standard, the makeup effects in an unsatisfactory; or on the wedding day the various additional conditions, such as the so-called better makeup appliances, or to add jewelry, and all the other charges. While this wash makeup artist start price is cheap, but it is those costs come in and cost thousands of Yuan.
&Nbsp;   flower cost dual-camera buy a single increase of quality wedding services company is also reflected in the photography and on the flowers. First, the wedding company will generally recommend dual cameras, prices are generally single twice, adding hundreds of thousands Yuan. Dual cameras can have more advantages than the single, to view a more comprehensive records. Double shot is much more complex than the single, is not a simple one and one is two. Understanding whether it relates to shoot double, advance there is no clear division of labour, there is harder to edit a lot. Because the couple does not know a lot about, some wedding companies to take a shot, only display the methods of another, slightly higher than the stand-alone price to the couple, the couple thinks they got cheaper, but is actually spending more money, buy a stand-alone quality.
&Nbsp;   followed by the flowers, now many formal wedding company actually do not recommend customers to use flowers, not only the high cost, usually cost at least 2000 Yuan, but can only be used once, more serious waste. But there are some wedding companies for profit reasons, tend to tell newcomers that are all hype, with imported flowers can heighten the atmosphere and so on, but really to the wedding day, not too few flowers, is to spend has been without water, which clearly is imported or local. Newcomers don't have time and energy to identify how the quality of the flowers.
&Nbsp;   photos: get ripped off most of the secondary consumer items at a later stage to Studio shot wedding pictures are well aware, higher actual costs than previously agreed. Found in in an interview with reporters, the city sets the basis of most of the wedding photo studio offers over 3000 to 4000 Yuan, while shooting a wedding photo of the couple a spending is generally up to 5000 to 8000 Yuan. In this regard, said in media interviews, President of the Municipal Association of wedding, many studios are on the market today are "3,000, 6,000." According to him, most couples start choose merchants introduced discount packages, prices are generally around 4000, but take pictures once it starts, the couple will face another one of "honey trap".
&Nbsp;   according to Studio insiders said, spread mainly from "secondary consumer". For example, the couple asked to photograph selected dresses will be found, the candidate dresses are mostly rough, old style, when to choose a better dress style you will need to add the money. In addition in Bridal makeup, makeup will sell some makeup, and how much hype its good results, if the bride will increase the good hundreds of.
&Nbsp;   selected photos to increases many new to Studio General are is first consumption, General are no pricing experience, to figure cheap, often will accept businesses proposed of reduced photos number to reduced price of offers way, like, was 4000 Yuan sets Department can select free select 60 Zhang photos, if wants to pricing hundreds of Yuan, select photos on will reduced to 50 Zhang, however, photos wash out zhihou. Businesses will respond by "just once in a lifetime", "love is priceless" promotional campaign, the candidate films often exceed the amount originally planned, resulting in a rise in overall prices. According to the reporter, which has exceeded the number of each photo charges a lot of money, generally about 30 yuan to 50 Yuan. BACK