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How to change the marriage "teats men" four tips

&Nbsp;   Wanfang song call of the childish, man who is said to have the innocence of love, but the song is always the song, "childish" enough is enough no accident show, once encountered a baby to the nipple in his mouth marriage man, probably not so romantic.
&Nbsp;   nipple male characters should obviously also use MOM as aged sacred, never have I made used of the Lord, nor that I have been an adult, was a man used to be a husband, family obligations to bear.
&Nbsp;   deal with this man has the following four strokes below listed are for reference only.
&Nbsp;   first: naturally method naturally method first to do with kid gloves, do don't due to he not dry, so you on put all swept came, smelly socks threw have full housing are is, that let they threw with good has, total one day he will again also no socks can wear, eat finished rice not brush bowl of, on put Bowl bubble in pool in good has, next time province rice of time with dip Shang last night rice of jobs to he Sheng--think nausea? so please personally brush clean good has, and so on, While doing so may produce some reaction, but with perseverance, always let him know: the Division of housework to life to reconcile errors.
&Nbsp;   II: Ming Pao demoted method if you really can't come naturally, and then you can try to use diversionary methods, intentionally or not, with neighbors or colleagues, for example, severely denounced and he has the same hobby, Dick and Harry pock, how in spite of, not understanding how my wife ... ... Turned to happy tune again praise him, regardless of his expression of confidence is still stormy seas, in his heart there is vaguely disturbing.
&Nbsp;   third: combined on legislation on put he used into nipple male of mother-in-law, you to do of not blamed, not complained, but to wants to method let she understand you of painstakingly, and you constitute a article front, nothing on in he ear blow hair dryer, say should more money has, should bear up family obligations has, and so on, nipple male General compared endorsed mother of concept, is crush he of mother and you mind somewhat hard, but to will nipple male transformation good, hard points, Worry points are worth it.
&Nbsp;   fourth: hard working law if above solution does not make him change his one of the most original and most effective move, hard working method. Hard work is not want you to suffer every day, but the ability to properly play a little smarter, for example to be able to do housework while busy lamenting, properly that I was tired, needs care and protection, slight man of conscience will not be missed regardless of if you really met a man you hard just sit there, tell me, why do you want him? BACK