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MO self Harbour women need marriage as

&Nbsp;   the age of 25, I have all the envy of all the girls. Not very beautiful I am 23 years old meet the Hao Tian, knew him for three months when he had to be my husband. I will turn for the better since then, Hao Tian surfaces aren't great, but he distinguished family as many girls chase the target. And he told me at the first sight I was overnight become the focus of discussion.
&Nbsp;  -HO and I held a big wedding day. Hao Tian's father gave us 1 million books. Hao Tian bought me a 630,000 of the speeding car, diamond jewelry more than 200,000, is 200 square meters of the House ... ... All of this is great day gives me. From then on I lived a rich life.
&Nbsp;   I imagine life is not like this, I just wanted to fall in love with a person lived a plain warm days old, but when I choose to live with Hao Tian will experience twists and turns, variables, but I did not cause this marriage will ruin my life, destroy the happiness of my life!
&Nbsp;   Hao Tian has two sisters, he was the only son in the family. Hao Tian chose me, his father also thought I was going to be a good real Lady's wife, and his mother doesn't like me, I'm not clear why. I hope that my marriage has all the wishes of their loved ones, but after we were married, his mother constantly is indifferent to me. Wedding is always a happy thought, Haw Tian was very sympathetic to me. Just married is half my happiest days. Hao Tian and I live so that all people envy, we will taste a food buying a plane ticket to fly to another city, the season when Hao Tian will take me to Shanghai and Hong Kong to buy the newest clothing. When we vacation to tour abroad, my favorite is in the middle of Italy's Fiorentina, Haw Tian a year will take me there. Honeymoon tour for the first time. The sculpture of the city and the spectacular Church is dignified, loaded with historical traces of the stone path left us laughing.
&Nbsp;   our resort overlooks the small town scenery of Puli, Avon's flying cloud water, and the towering Grand cile Dagi, all views. We-Ho day snuggled up in front of the window, I wish I can stay in this moment of time, so I can always have happiness, and everything after does not bear this pain!
&Nbsp;   Hao Tian's two sisters and his mother does not like my life and Hao Tian, Hao Tian is a man who really know how to enjoy life, he is the best of all requests. But Hao Tian's mother thought after we got married, Hao Tian took me home money, she often questioned my Hao Tian gave me what to buy expensive clothes and where to travel. Implied words that I never thought to marry-Ho day this no one can control me, if our life is like this, she's going to interfere with our lives, I think that is very wrong.
&Nbsp;   my admiration is not a vain woman, money from home I did not want to, are all about Hao Tian, Hao Tian will sometimes give me money to buy some clothes, I still that this approach was the mother-in-law of suspicion and not recognized. I begin to think that marriage is shaky, but I want to pass my sincere efforts to change her mother-in-law to my prejudices. It turns out this is only my wishful thinking.
&Nbsp;   just six months of marriage, mother-in-law Haotian urged me to have children because Hao Tian of the two sisters gave birth to her daughter, the family hopes placed upon all. I am very smooth pregnancy and Ho was born a son, and my whole family is very happy. I think so that she does not suspect I am married to Ho-day objective.
&Nbsp;   due to the woman to prove she is a man gave birth to the child and followed by the man for life. Hao Tian like our son, she also likes her grandson, but I don't see any change in her attitude towards me. I think as time goes on, it's gonna be okay. Hao Tian and a friend opened a seafood restaurant in Guangzhou, investment, he needs often in Guangzhou, Changchun had little time. Hao Tian gave him his father's money and invest the money in his hand in the seafood restaurant. My life is nobody in Changchun. My mother-in-law took my son into her side.
&Nbsp;   I live at home, see a lonely feel, when Hao Tian returned to Guangzhou, Changchun when I wanted to go with him, and he was let on to the other side of the business is not stable I live in Changchun. I think by now Ho it is very strange, I think his love for me, seems to be a few months ' time had forgotten our love.
&Nbsp;   I was feeling extremely sad. Hao Tian did not ask for my life. I in government organ work, one months has 1500 Yuan of wage, I put I of wage all to I of parents, due to and Ho days in together I not needs use I of wage, and now no people again to I a points money, I of account in as long as 60,000 yuan money, this is I wants to to I of parents do married 30 annual celebrate and to they buy as as sample of gift of costs, wants to do a do daughter of filial piety. Now I don't think I can go ahead and spend the money, I have to face and loses all scenes.
&Nbsp;   I foresee with precision. Soon I heard that in Guangzhou Hao Tian lover. And my mother-in-law did not notice I took my son to Guangzhou. I flew to Guangzhou Hao Tian, the answer is that he wants to divorce me.
&Nbsp;   when I was with simply disintegrated heart back to Changchun but Ho's sister told us houses and cars had been sold, ban divorce they would no longer have anything to do with me. I can't believe this is true. Everything seems to be a bad dream. When I calm down, I can't find lawyers in our situation, he said the nature of the State even if I fail to get even a lawsuit, I want my son's chances are slim.
&Nbsp;   my marriage is completely ended, Haw Tian did not give me a penny. We used to love gone, I can't imagine me and Hao Tian, after two years of married life, and bore him a son, but end up with such tragic results. Even for an outsider should not be so unfeeling, not to mention I was the wife he loved. I went back to his parents ' home, the mother looked at me and kept on crying, fathers sighed and said: "my child, it doesn't matter, it's all over, we live a good life! "My father's words give me comfort and pain me so much because parents will continue to worry about me, they had not accompanied me much longer, if one day they're gone, they will not dare to leave me alone, helpless.
&Nbsp;   parents constantly are in good health, I know that they are sick are always reluctant to go to the doctor reasons is that gave me a little money, so I don't have a hard life, but the pain in my heart is with my life. Experience had so many twists and turns, I know one thing, as long as parents really love me on this thing, in addition, no emotion to be trusted. I think to be a pity to those around me looked at me--a woman who has lost everything. Life is so tormented me, I know from my marriage finished that day, I have lost the joy of life, my fate is sad, I love my parents live not just to make them happy, and my life is a failure. I just want to take care of their parents, that's all I can do. BACK