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Do love a naked wedding test

&Nbsp;   Review: "naked wedding dress is not married? "After a classmate reunion, all the laughs rolling for a classmate's question. The "$literal" especially prevalent word in a married couple, in fact, refers to the "no House, no car, no ring, no deposits, no wedding no honeymoon", two young men have nothing but raise 9 bucks, go to the Civil Affairs Bureau, marriage certificate of a way.
&Nbsp;   new people only want to indicate to the world: I love is far higher than the material. But the ideal isn't it? No bread: can love survive? In an interview with Xinhua, found otherwise. Used to have several expansive love being naked dream to shatter, leaving other people's eyebrows.
&Nbsp;   rash starts with "cups" ending is 28 years old mother of Miss Zhou was 3 years old, at the sight of her, reporters vicissitudes that surprised the world in so obvious a woman. At the high school campus is the school she, always face the glory of doing almost without saying, who is several years older than their peers. I asked to know, six months ago, she and her husband divorced, lives alone with children usual, talking about my marriage experience, Miss Zhou was choked with sobs.
&Nbsp;   "he and I were college classmates, love to talk about for two years. After graduation, we were together. "Graduate, Miss Zhou and boyfriend was very excited and thought it was really together, wanted to get married right away. Later, Miss Zhou and boyfriend despite his parents ' objections, secretly brought issuing marriage licenses, became a legitimate couple. "We were both rather bitter, no relatives ' wishes, no ceremony, no rings, lived in a rented house, was very poor. "In spite of this, Miss Zhou felt very happy, because her husband is very good.
&Nbsp;   but did not last long, presents a rift between Miss Zhou and her husband, married for two years, her husband is as lazy as a University per se, and later her husband's work began to become unstable, and was eventually fired. "I have patience, and divorced him. "Think of this marriage, if only miss weeks.
&Nbsp;   of marriage or a serious contradiction informed us that everything has two sides. Indeed, said that today's young people worship money, ideal wedding have to ask each other "social status", always presented an opposite phenomenon, some money as dirt, as the love for the truth, but in the "naked marriage" at the same time, is ideal from time to time to combat with my soul.
&Nbsp;   "do not pay attention to is a good thing, but not straightforward Act. "Now many young people" naked marriage "understand the meaning of bias, they are angry with a frame of mind to marry, such separation is not the result. Wedding can not, cars and diamond rings are not, but not lost on most substantive understanding of love.
&Nbsp;   "naked marriage", the first thing to ask yourself, no bread of love you will be "hungry"? Once the "hungry", and when people desire to start contracting, marriage will exhibit problems. "Naked marriage" could, of course, but is serious about marriage, and gives it a certain degree of economic foundation. BACK