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Classic and romantic wedding and groom's speech

&Nbsp;   a groom wedding speech, very classic, touching and romantic. Following is the full text:
&Nbsp;   on the entire planet, with more than 5 billion people. In the more than 5 billion people, only one person and I live in--this person is my wife, the wife and I live in the same House, with raising a child, eating the same breakfast while using the same amount of money.
&Nbsp;   do not look down on my wife, 5 billion people in this world, but she and I spent the longest and most intimate moments. I can spot her in the crowd, because she is my wife and I can look in your distress, she will save me, because she had a baby for me.
&Nbsp;   the future, no matter how different our work units and also have different working hours, no matter what the weather is windy or rainy, after work, in the flood of people, just the two of us going back to the same place, a place to call home.
&Nbsp;   only two or three people in the family, that is me and my wife, or have children. There are two keys, you can open the same door. Big crowd, all living things. A person in a place called home, another person came back, first for decades.
&Nbsp;   If war breaks out, the fleeing crowd, my eye will never leave her. Because I know, in this world, and as long as a slight negligence, will always be separated. If one day, the war is over, I was sitting at the side of the road, what to expect not only expect to be able to spot her in the crowd. Maybe she's never come back, so that I will live-sale House to look for her, could not be found, won't go home. Even without the war, I also reunites after years of failed her as a person. Perhaps the marriage is a war, and before that, we had separated, knew that one day, we were once again, is not easy. Then back home, a wedding, and is an unusual day, three meals a day, have children. Perhaps no one knows, but I've made up my mind: now that she has been with me, she must not suffer. In this crowded world, I am her protector.

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